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Bathroom mirrors by HIB - Hib illuminated mirrors - Hib mirror cabinets

The mirror has been a vital part of society for millennia. Going back hundreds of years the mirror has brought a sense of a space and light whilst giving us the ability to see our own reflection. Just imagine what life would be like without the mirror! What would we all look like in appearance? The thought is quite alarming in reality as we would not be able to clean, shave or groom ourselves without the aid of someone doing it for you.  Mirrors are and have been one of our primary elements for enhancing a room’s décor. Although you may not realise this but by using a mirror strategically you are able to reflect light in to a dark room making the room much brighter. This also applies to smaller rooms as the reflective image enables the room’s appearance to be larger. This is just two elements that are fantastically enhanced by adding a mirror and best of all you can pick up a bathroom mirror cheap.

Hib mirrors - Hib mirror

The bathroom is possibly the most vital room for featuring a good quality mirror. This is mainly due to the fact that we require the aid of the mirror to wash and ready ourselves in the mornings. However the range of bathroom mirrors that are now available are not just simple reflective surfaces for us to see ourselves in, they have become a stunning attribute for transforming the bathroom. In fact with a creative bathroom mirror you can actually change the look of the bathroom completely. 

Exploring the endless amounts of creative bathroom mirrors alongside establishing a stunning look whether modern or traditional bathroom mirrors have transitioned through the modern ages. The Victorians styled their bathrooms with heavy layers of dark woods with boxed in baths, wooden framed mirrors right through to wainscoting walls. In today’s society the traditional bathroom sports very similar design concepts but with a much softer tone. Bathroom mirrors are capped lightly with a variety of wooden textures and tones, whilst wooden bath panels are introduced to step up the theme. Another example we use to create the Victorian feel to our bathrooms is by introducing arched mirrors either on there own or with addition of wall sconces for extra lighting.

Selecting the right bathroom mirror is not only determined by the size of your bathroom but also by ambience you have already established your bathroom around. One of the finest selections of bathroom mirrors currently available are the Hib mirrors. The Hib mirror collection consists of a stunning collection of contemporary, traditional and modern styling.

Hib is a major supplier of bathroom mirrors, furniture, lighting, basins and taps to UK bathroom retailers and distributors. They have established themselves as the market leaders within a very competitive industry and can supply discount bathroom mirrors. The bathroom mirrors by Hib come in a range of exciting designs including the Hib illuminated mirrors, the Hib mirror cabinets and lastly the modern and contemporary Hib mirrors. The bathroom mirrors by Hib are part of their new exquisite collection and not only features beautiful creations for the bathroom but also other rooms around the home. With a carefully co-ordinated range of Hib illuminated mirrors and Hib mirror cabinets you will be able to transform your bathroom in to the most appealing room in your home.